BPA Welcomes Second Intern

BPA Welcomes Winter/Spring 2012 Intern Sam Wickes…

 Sam Wickes

Sam Wickes is 18-years-old and currently a senior at Hill Top Preparatory School in Rosemont, PA.  Sam’s interest in film and video began at a very young age where he recalls crawling to the VCR to watch “The Lion King” and “Titan A.E.” As he grew older, his visits to Blockbuster became more frequent and he realized he had a passion for storytelling and film. He also realized the value, and power, in media.

“With the help of technology, we have created movies that get the audience to think about the situation and to think about what will happen next,” says Sam, “it means that we think about stories and ideas that we wish to share.”

Sam is actively involved in his school’s performance group and basketball team, in addition to his new adventure with Big Picture Alliance. He hopes to learn more about himself while developing both his filmmaking and computer skills.

Check back soon for a video about what Sam hopes to achieve through his co-op… and some other fun facts!

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