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Big Picture Alliance Nominated for The Councilman David Cohen Award

25 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Big Picture Alliance is pleased to announce that out of 232 applicants we are one of nine organizations that have been nominated for the David Cohen Award given by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. This is a first for Big Picture Alliance and so wonderful to be recognized for 17 years of commitment to our mission and work! It is an honor to be in such good company with these former recipients and again, such a nomination is a much-appreciated validation of the good work that all of us here at BPA continue to do each and every day. We have worked with so many amazing youth that give us the ability to reach our goals and be a service to the community. BPA is extremely excited about this nomination.

Here is a Description of the award:

The Councilman David Cohen Award

The Councilman David Cohen Award is given annually by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund to an arts and culture organization in the City of Philadelphia which has demonstrated by its programming, art related work product, or services offered, an outstanding commitment to social and economic justice. This may be demonstrated by the mission as defined and implemented by the organization; the subject matter and quality of the organization’s art and culture work product; and the support given to or engagement by the organization in justice issues that other organizations in the City are pursuing. The Award was established in 2006 to honor Philadelphia City Councilman David Cohen (1914-2005), who served in local government for three decades. Councilman Cohen, a vigilant defender of the underdog, supported civil rights, workers rights, and good government. He was an advocate of the arts who believed in the power of community-based organizations to transform lives and neighborhoods.

Big Picture Alliance’s mission is to engage and educate underserved youth by developing self-expression, academic, life and job skills through the inspiring and collaborative process of creating digital communication and media arts. Through these experiences, youth have opportunities to have their voices heard, while building literacy, critical thinking and vocational skills. Youth work in teams, gaining understanding and appreciation of their peers.

We are a film and digital media arts organization committed to serving as the intersection where youth/FILM/learning meet for positive change. We provide transformative learning experiences through the medium of film and video, offering underserved youth a forum for self-expression, creativity and accomplishment.